135 Palm Island

We created a complete marketing package at Spine 3D for Sabal Development Group. The complete scope consisted of 6 pre developed properties. One of which was 135 Palm Island. The package included a VR Immersive Experience which allowed the user to put on an Oculus Rift headset and be completely immersed into the property. It allowed them to freely explore the property as if it was already built.

We also captured a Cinematic Trailer which highlighted some of the key features of the property. Cinematic trailers are a great way to reach a larger audience. Because we had already created the VR experience it was easy for us to create additional marketing collateral such as the trailer and renderings. The Captured Renderings that we pulled from the VR environment along with the Trailer served as key marketing assets for the developer.

Cinematic Trailer

Cinematic Trailer captured from an Architectural VR Immersive Experience

VR Immersive Experience

Recording of the VR Immersive Experience.

Captured Renderings

Captured Renderings pulled from the VR Environment